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How to Configure a Tool

The process for adding most of the tool remains similar with minor differences based of the tool's field requirements.

Here we will configure a tool for the first time.

The steps will be:-

  • Select Tool
  • Add token details (if not already added)
  • Select App
  • Select Table
  • Configure Fields
  • Add a recognisable Name away!

Select Tool & Add token details for the first time

First you choose a tool you want to use.

All Tools Page

When you select the tool, for the first time you get the add token screen:-

Add token

Here you fill the details and if the details are valid, we store the token details using AES encryption on device only.

Take care
Do not include .com prefix to your realm. Just the pure realm like builderprogram-abc or demo.quickbase are allowed.

Select App

Now you will select the App you want your tool to be configured with

Add token

Only apps which are bound to the token provided will show up. If you want to use any app, please add the token which has your required app. 

Select Table

Now you can select the Table of your choice. Only the data fromm this table can be accessed by this tool

Add token

Select Fields

Now you can configure and match the existing fields of your QuickBase table with our required fields

Add token

Some tools allow you to configure optional tools for additional functionality. These can be sskipped if they are not needed.

Add token Add token

Not all tools have optional fields or required fields. It depends on the tool's requirement for bare minimum functionality. 

Add a Name

After the tool has been configured, you can add a recognizable name for the tool. We autogenerate a name but you can name it as per your liking.

Add token

Finishing Up

Now you can see the tool you created in the home screen

Add token